Eyes Makeup 2014

Eyes Makeup 2013 6 Eyes Makeup 2014

Makeup is always applied better when the skin is completely clean and fresh, so cleanse your face of natural oils or existing makeup before you begin to apply this look.If your dress is of a dark colour or is in neutral colours you can make smooky eyes. Smooky eyes is also spelled as smooky or smokey or smoky eyes makeup.

Smokey eyes makeup can be applied for parties. It gives you a model like look and enhances the beauty of brighter colored faces. Makeup should emphasize beauty and highlight your best features, not become a mask to hide. These are the eyes, the windows of your heart and character that was the first time. Your eyes create a focal point for creativity, fun and elegance. Therefore, how to apply eye makeup, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty.

Eyes Makeup 2013;

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